Ramoji Rao: Ramoji film city founder and media mogul passes away

June 8, 2024, India’s most significant media pioneers, Ramoji Rao, passes away at the age of 87. Ramoji Rao is renowned for his outstanding contributions to business, journalism, and also film production. His legacy has had a significant impact on India’s media environment.

Ramoji Rao

In a tweet on X, PM Modi said, “The passing away of Shri Ramoji Rao Garu is extremely saddening. He was a visionary who revolutionized Indian media. His rich contributions have left an indelible mark on journalism and the world of films. Through his noteworthy efforts, he set new standards for innovation and excellence in the media and entertainment world.”

PM Modi tweet on Ramoji Rao

Beyond the film industry, Ramoji Rao was a philanthropist who dedicated himself to various social causes. His commitment to education, healthcare, and the upliftment of rural communities was a testament to his humanitarian spirit.

Rao wasn’t just a businessman; he was also a pioneer. He transformed Telugu journalism, championed regional content, and created a world-class infrastructure for Indian cinema. Tributes poured in from across the country, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself acknowledging Rao’s “rich contributions” to the media scene.

Ramoji Rao’s passing is a significant loss for the Indian media industry. But his achievements will continue to inspire future generations. He showed the power of regional voices, the magic of storytelling, and the importance of building a world-class media ecosystem. Ramoji Rao may be gone, but his legacy will undoubtedly live on in the vibrant media landscape he helped create.

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