Texas Lottery Result Today 8 July 2024

Texas Lottery

Get to know latest Texas Lottery Result. And get a Chance to win Big & Exciting Prizes! Each day Texas Lottery results are announced, whose draws take place under Texas Two Step, Mega Millions, Powerball & Lotto Texas names. The Texas Two Step draw occurs on every Monday & Thursday, On every Wednesday & Saturday, Powerball & Lotto Texas draw occurs. While the Mega Millions draw occurs on Tuesday & Friday.

The official results are announced on our website as soon as Winning Numbers are announced officially.

Is Texas Lottery online?

You can buy tickets online by registering your account. Lets see how you can buy Texas Ticket:

  1. Select the list of Texas Lottery.
  2. Now, fill in the Texas lottery form.
  3. Purchase of tickets will be processed on your account.
  4. It will send you scanned image of Tickets.
  5. On announcement of draw results you’ll be notified.
  6. If you win, Prizes of small worth will be transferred to your account.

You can Buy Standard Lottery tickets, Bundles and Pools online. On participating in Texas lottery, you can

  • Texas Pools: On joining Texas Pool you can enter Draws as a part of Pool. Invest money as shares in lottery syndicate.
  • Texas Bundles: Get advantages of Texas lottery by choosing the favorite numbers & entering your personal details.

The Texas Lottery is the National Lottery whose results are published everyday.

You can easily buy Texas lottery tickets online or through Online retailer.

Texas Lottery Jackpot

Mega MillionsUS$162 M
Mega Millions Just the JackpotUS$162 M
PowerBallUS$ 138 M
Lotto TexasUS$ 5.8 M
Lotto Texas ExtraUS$ 5.8 M
Cash 5US$ 350,000
Daily 4 DayUS$ 25,000
Daily 4 EveningUS$ 25,000
Daily 4 MorningUS$ 25,000
Daily 4 NightUS$ 25,000
Pick 3 DayUS$ 2,500
Pick 3 EveningUS$ 2,500
Pick 3 MorningUS$ 2,500
Pick 3 NightUS$ 2,500

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