Riley Strain Updates

Riley Strain Updates: News reports on Riley Strain’s case have updated that the investigation has been completed and Riley’s death has been ruled an accident. The autopsy found no signs of foul play.

Case details

  • University of Missouri student Riley Strain went missing after a night out in Nashville on March 8, 2021.
  • His body was found in the Cumberland River a week later.
  • Although the autopsy indicated accidental death, Riley’s family had questions and asked for a re-autopsy.
  • There are no other publicly available updates about the second autopsy or the case.

Unresolved questions related to Riley Strain’s death

The case of Riley Strain is of March 2024. His death was ruled an accidental drowning, but there are some unresolved questions.

  1. Cause of Death: Drowning (initial autopsy)
  2. Unresolved Questions:
    • Lack of water in lungs (unusual for drowning)
    • Circumstances leading him to the river

The Riley Strain updates revealed that his family ordered a second autopsy, but the results are not publicly available. But the official investigation will remain open.

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