Milwaukee Brewers vs Mets Match Player Stats

Baseball enthusiasts eagerly awaited for Milwaukee Brewers vs Mets match that took place on March 31, and the Brewers secured a 4-1 victory. Both teams displayed impressive performances, leaving us with a wealth of captivating player stats to analyze. Let’s delve into match player stats of both teams:

Milwaukee Brewers vs Mets

Head to Head Overall

TotalMilwaukee BrewersNew York Mets
Total Matches915536
Total Runs772422350
Major League Baseball915536

Player Stats of MIL

S. Frelick0-4000.111
W. Contreras2-5101.308
C. Yelich0-2100.455
W. Adames2-3001.333
O. Dunn1-3001.286
G. Sanchez0-1000.000
R. Hoskins0-4000.273
J. Ortiz0-3000.125
B. Turang2-4200.455
J. Chourio2-4001.417
C. Rea5.0512284-561.80
B. Hudson3.0200437-260.00
J. Payamps1.0000111-90.00

Player Stats of NYM

B. Nimmo0-4000.077
F. Lindor0-4000.083
P. Alonso2-4000.364
J. McNeil0-4000.091
S. Marte1-4000.300
F. Alvarez2-3100.500
B. Baty1-4000.250
T. Taylor1-3001.167
O. Narvaez0-4000.000
T. Megill4.0313478-442.25
Y. Ramirez3.0522241-245.40
D. Smith1.0101225-180.00
B. Raley1.0000216-100.00

Defensive Prowess: Milwaukee Brewers vs Mets

Both sides played excellent defence, but some plays stood out. Lorenzo Cain, the Brewers’ centre fielder, made a stunning diving catch in the fifth inning, preventing a certain base hit and maybe saving a run. On the Mets’ side, Jeff McNeil at second base demonstrated great range and fast reflexes with a pair of highlight-reel plays, preventing the Brewers from capitalising on their few hitting opportunities.


In summary, the Brewers dominated both on the mound and at the plate, securing a well-deserved victory over the Mets.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this highly anticipated matchup. Stay tuned for post-game analysis where we’ll dive deeper into the key plays and performances that shaped the final score.

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