Kota Factory Season 3: Trailer for Jitendra Kumar’s Netflix Series Out June 11

Jeetu Bhaiya will be seen helping students preparing for IIT entrance exam in Kota Factory Season 3.

Netflix India has dropped the trailer of Kota Factory Season 3 and fans are overjoyed! Jitendra Kumar, popularly known as Jeetu Bhaiya, is back to help students prepare for the tough IIT entrance exams. Tillotama Shome will also be seen this season as another teacher at the institute.

What you can expect in Kota Factory Season 3?

The official synopsis of season three states, “After facing rigorous preparatory preparations and the relentless pressure of studies, the students are now gearing up for the crucial IIT JEE exam. With Jeetu Bhaiya, their strong mentor and inspiration, on their journey to find their purpose, the students’ fate is set to take on both anabolic and catabolic effects in this intense drama of the eagerly-awaited third season.”

Fans Reaction on Kota Factory Season 3?

The fans of the show are quite excited after watching the trailer. One person said that Jitendra Kumar is the Shah Rukh Khan of online streaming platforms. Someone else is liking the combination of Tillotama Shome and Jeetu Bhaiya. Another person cannot wait to see what Jeetu Bhaiya will teach in season 3. At the same time, there is someone who is very happy that the new season is coming after such a long wait. He liked how the stories and characters inspire him and he feels that the whole team has done a great job.

About Kota Factory Season 3

Kota Factory Season 3 is produced by TVF Productions and directed by Pratish Mehta. Raghav Subbu is the lead character. Familiar faces from the previous seasons, such as Mayur More, Ranjan Raj and others are back. The story is written by Punit Batra and a few others.

Raghav Subbu told that in Kota Factory Season 3, the audience will see how everyone including Jeetu Bhaiya goes through a tough and important process to achieve great heights. Every character finds his own way to learn more about himself.

Is Kota Factory Worth Watching?

Kota Factory is amazing. People wish they had a teacher like Jeetu bhai, but without any lectures. The good thing about the show is that each season has only 5 episodes, and they are not too long. It does not Hessian the audience. The second season recently released on Netflix after the first season did well on YouTube and TVF Play.

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