Condo Insurance vs Strata Insurance

Condo Insurance vs Strata Insurance: Condo insurance protects your individual condo unit and belongings, while strata insurance safeguards the entire building and shared spaces. Think of condo insurance for your own unit and belongings, and strata insurance for the building as a whole.

Condo insurance and strata insurance are two types of insurance policies that are essential for protecting condominium owners and strata corporations. While they both provide insurance coverage for condominium properties, they serve different purposes and cover different aspects of the property. Let’s explore the key differences between condo insurance and strata insurance to help you understand their importance and how they work.

Condo Insurance vs Strata Insurance

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance, also known as unit owner’s insurance or HO-6 insurance, is a policy purchased by individual condo owners to protect their personal belongings, interior fixtures, and any improvements made to their unit. This insurance typically covers damages to the interior of the unit, personal liability, and additional living expenses in case the unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. Condo insurance focuses on what’s behind your front door—your individual unit. It provides personal protection for your belongings and living space. Unit owners are responsible for obtaining their own condo insurance policy. It also provides coverage for:

  • Personal Property Coverage: Condo insurance provides coverage for personal belongings such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and other items within the unit.
  • Interior Fixtures Coverage: Condo insurance covers improvements made to the interior of the unit, such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, and fixtures.
  • Liability Protection: Condo insurance includes liability coverage in case someone is injured in the unit or if the owner is found responsible for damage to another unit.

What is Strata Insurance?

Strata insurance, also known as condominium corporation insurance or building insurance, is a policy purchased by the strata corporation to protect the common areas of the condominium complex, including the building structure, common property, and shared amenities. This insurance typically covers damages to the building structure, common areas, and liability for the strata corporation. Strata insurance covers the overall building structure and common areas in a condominium complex. It acts as a safety net for the entire puzzle—the collective property. The condo corporation arranges strata insurance to protect the building and its communal elements. It protects against:

  • Building Structure Coverage: Strata insurance provides coverage for the building structure, roof, walls, elevators, and other common areas shared by all unit owners.
  • Common Property Coverage: Strata insurance covers damages to common property such as swimming pools, gyms, parking lots, and hallways.
  • Liability Protection: Strata insurance includes liability coverage for the strata corporation in case of accidents or injuries that occur on common property.

Condo Insurance vs Strata Insurance

AspectCondo InsuranceStrata Insurance
Coverage FocusIndividual unit and personal belongings.Entire building structure and common areas.
Coverage DetailsPersonal property (furniture, electronics).
Improvements made to the unit.
Additional living expenses during displacement.
Building structure (roof, walls, etc.).
Common elements (hallways, gyms, etc.).
Who Provides ItUnit owners purchase their own policies.Condo corporation arranges it for the complex.
PurposeProtects individual unit and belongings.Safeguards the entire building and common areas.
ExampleFire damages your unit’s interior and belongingsFire damages the building hallway

Why both are Essential?

Having both strata and condo insurance ensures complete coverage without gaps. If an incident occurs, you’ll know what’s covered by the strata policy versus what you’re personally responsible for.
Strata insurance shields the broader aspects of your living environment, while condo insurance protects your individual treasures and personal space.
Working with an insurance provider experienced in both types ensures cohesive and convenient coverage for both shared and personal areas of your home.

How to choose between Condo Insurance & Strata Insurance?

Condo owners should understand the distinction between condo insurance and strata insurance to ensure they have adequate coverage for their specific needs. While condo insurance protects personal belongings and interior fixtures within the unit, strata insurance safeguards the building structure and common areas shared by all unit owners. It is essential for condo owners to review their condo corporation’s insurance policy to understand what is covered under strata insurance and to purchase condo insurance to protect their personal property and liability.


Condo insurance and strata insurance are essential for protecting your investment and peace of mind. While they cover different aspects, they work together to ensure your safety and financial security. By understanding the coverage provided by each policy and consulting with an insurance broker, you can make informed decisions that best protect your condo investment.

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