Karnataka 2nd PUC Board Exams 2024: Result, Admit Card, Pattern

2024 Karnataka 2nd PUC Board Exams: A very warm welcome to our educational update section. I, today, in our section, am going to make a few important updated sections regarding the 2024 PUC examinations in Karnataka. This examination is scheduled from April 29 to May 16, 2024, as per the timetable given by the board. So, the important fact is that the result declaration of such exams is on April 10, 2024.

The department had organized the examination of 2nd PUC until 22nd March 2024. Finally, for its elaborative procedure, the time schedule was announced on 17th January 2023. You would easily find it downloaded by visiting the link kseab.karnataka.gov.in.

The admit cards of the students writing the 2nd PUC exams were sent to schools in February 2024 and later distributed to the students. It even completed the 2nd PUC preparatory examinations and practical exams in the first week of February 2024. This is a human time plan of great detail that crowns the course in its review and forms part of our continuous effort to ensure students are thoroughly prepared for the examination. Our appreciation goes to you for your participation, and we wish you all the best in the preparation for the same examinations!

Details of Karnataka 2nd PUC 2024 Exams – Exam timetable and discipline

The 2nd PUC exams in Karnataka for the year 2024 were conducted from March 1 to March 22, 2024, involving various subjects forming part of the curriculum. In regard to this, the Department of Pre-University Education in Karnataka had scheduled these exams meticulously to make sure that pretty much all topics that students had learned throughout the whole year were examined.
Timetable and Preparation

For instance, very critical examinations have a released timetable as early as 17th January 2023. This, therefore, has prepared, in a way, for a very excellent plan on the part of the students and other stakeholders in education on how they would schedule their preparations. This was used in the production of well-prepared schools and students who have made organized study sessions and revision classes that would go through all the material required thoroughly.

Admit Card Distribution

The admit cards were issued to schools in February 2024. Later, the schools issued admit cards to the students. The admit card is a very important document to enter the examination hall because it contains some important information, i.e., student name, roll number, and examination schedule and venue.

Exam Participation and Results

Student Participation : Close to 6.9 lakh students had registered for the 2nd PUC examinations this time, to be concluded in 2024. This number definitely pointed out high participation rates, signifying the high value attached to the exams in the student’s academic path in Karnataka.

Result Announcement Date

The results were announced on 10th April 2024, with a glittering pass percentage of 81.15%. This much of high success clearly reflects the effectiveness of the teaching methodologies and the hard work done by the students.
The results will be out on the official websites—karresults.nic.in and kseab.karnataka.gov.in—making it a cakewalk for students and parents to know the scores.

Analysis of Results

The detailed results, on the other hand, help in analyzing the performance across subjects and even districts. The information on this can, therefore, help educational authorities who devise ways of improving the educational standards and support mechanisms for the students.

Evacuation Procedures for People Conduct of Preparatory Preparing for the exams was carried out in February 2024, just before the final examinations were due. These had two benefits. One, they served as a rehearsal for the students, a way of getting them to the examination environment and timing, hence reducing the anxiety of exams and their performance.

Practical Exams In February 2024, the institution also sat for practical examinations. This is an important key test for the subjects in which hands-on skills are tested, as in the laboratories for science subjects. A student doing well in them is key, and they are important as it leads to one’s final scores.


The year 2024 second PUC exams of Karnataka were awesome with respect to the attendance and pass percentage. Timely release of the timetable and the results, effective distribution of admit cards, and best organization of preparatory activities contributed much to the smooth conduct of the exam process. That would be the landmark in the academic career when both complete and pass on to further studies, or the professional field, respectfully. In this summary, I will capture salient features about the conduct of the Karnataka 2nd PUC 2024 exams, starting from its planning and preparation to the conduct of exams and the announcement of results.

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