Influencer Rajat Dalal Arrested for kidnapping and Torturing a boy

The Ahmedabad police have arrested Instagram fitness influencer and bodybuilder Rajat Dalal for kidnapping and torturing an 18-year-old boy. The incident came to light after the student posted a viral video on his social media account.

Rajat Dalal Arrested for kidnapping and Torturing a boy

According to the report, Rajat Dalal kidnapped the college student and tortured him like applying cow dung on his face, urinating on the victim’s face and attacking him aggressively.

When he was not satisfied with this, he started threatening the student and his mother, after which a complaint was filed against him and then he was arrested.

According to the report, the kidnapped student was abused

  • The victim was force to clean the toilet.
  • A pimp applied dung on the student’s face.
  • Then, Aggressively hit the victim.
  • The pimp urinated on the victim’s face.
  • After that Rajat Dalal threatened the student and his mother.

The college student bravely recorded and posted a video of the incident on social media. The video quickly went viral, sparking widespread outrage and prompting authorities to take immediate action. The video played a key role in ensuring that the case received the necessary attention and response from law enforcement.

Rajat Dalal Arrested for kidnapping and Torturing a boy

Police Response

A complaint was filed against Rajat Dalal after the viral video. The Ahmedabad police immediately arrested Dalal and began investigating the incident. The arrest underlines the seriousness of the allegations and the authorities’ commitment to holding individuals accountable for such heinous acts, no matter how much influence they have on social media.

Public Response

The case has sparked a significant public response, with many expressing their shock and disgust at Rajat Dalal’s actions. It has also sparked discussion about the responsibilities of social media influencers and the potential dangers of their unchecked power and influence.


This case highlights the dark side of social media fame and the potential for abuse of power by influential people. It also emphasizes the role of social media as a powerful tool for victims to share their stories and seek justice. As the investigation progresses, hopefully more information will emerge on the circumstances surrounding this disturbing case.

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