SSDI Payment Schedule 2024: Eligibility, Payment Schedule, Exceptions

The SSDI Payment Schedule 2024 offers help to eligible workers to cover expenses based on work history, and this payment is directly transferred into the worker’s bank account.

The Social Security Administration conducted the SSDI payment in 2024, which set a limitation on providing the amount to those workers who fulfill the eligibility criteria. SSDI payments are released monthly and provided to each US citizen.


Program NameSSDI Payment Schedule 2024
Organization NameSocial Security Administration
Provided toDisabled Citizens
SSDI Payment Amount 2024$3822 per month
Benefit DateJune 2024

Eligibility Criteria

To get the SSDI payment, you need to complete certain conditions mentioned in the eligibility criteria:

  • Must have been a citizen of the USA for the last 10 years.
  • Age limit of at least 65 years or more to clear eligibility.
  • The candidates must have a low income per year, and they don’t have many resources.
  • Disabled candidates will get the payment if they have individuals.
  • If the disability of the candidate is improved, then no benefit is provided.

Payment Schedule 2024

The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines the eligibility criteria through date of birth for providing stimulus checks, retirement payments, survivor benefits, and disability benefits. In 2024, SSA will pay the insurance payment according to the below-mentioned criteria:

MonthBirth dates: 1st–10thBirthdays on 11th-20thBirthdays on 21st-31st


Due to some reasons, Social Security payments in 2024 may sometimes be late. Let’s take a look at the reasons:

  • Delay in receiving the Social Security benefits.
  • Slow down the process from the Social Security Administration side.
  • You updated any personal information, such as your registered mailing address.
  • Changed the payment information, such as the new account.
  • Inclement or severe weather.

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