Jeep Electric Cars: Innovation, Off-Road Mastery and Future Envisioning

Jeep India, part of the Stellantis Automotive Group, is giving a lot of importance to electric cars in India. They are currently exploring various options to realize their plans for the Indian market.

Additionally, Jeep India aims to manufacture over 90% of the parts of its compact SUV, the Jeep Compass, in India within the next three years.

Jeep Avenger: Exterior and Interior

In March, Jeep gave a glimpse of the exterior look of the Avenger. This SUV has Jeep’s traditional grille, but the electric version has it solid and has the ‘E’ logo indicating that it is electric. The headlights are different, with thin LED daytime running lights just below the hood.

From the side, the Avenger SUV looks distinct with its prominent wheel arches, strong shoulder line, and lots of black cladding on the body, which further enhances its rugged SUV appearance. At the rear, it has square-shaped taillights with X-shaped LED lights inside them. The tailgate gets the ‘E’ logo at the bottom left, and the bumper gets more black cladding and a fake skid plate for added style.

The Avenger has a seating capacity for five inside. There is a large touchscreen in the middle above the air conditioning vents. However, not much information is available about the rest of the interiors of this small electric SUV yet.

Jeep EV Suspension and Powertrain

Detailing the Avenger, the vlogger revealed its mechanical specifications. He said that the SUV measures 1.32 meters in height and 2.87 meters in length. The vehicle weighs around 350 kg and has a ground clearance of 459 mm.

Next, the vlogger talked about the suspension of the EV Jeep Avenger. He revealed that it uses suspension struts from a Royal Enfield motorcycle on all four wheels. Talking about the powertrain, he revealed that it gets a 1500-watt electric motor that generates 2 horsepower and 9 Newton meters of torque. Regarding its range, he said that it can cover a distance of about 100 kilometers on a single full charge.

Jeep’s Electric Recon: Off-road Power with Eco-Friendly Innovation

Filosa confirmed that Jeep intends to release its electric Wrangler-inspired Recon by the end of this year, although the exact timing is uncertain. Leaked photos from a dealer event in Las Vegas have already given us a preview of the Recon Moab 4xe.

The Recon aims to be a robust and fully capable electric SUV inspired by the Jeep Wrangler’s legendary off-road performance. Former Jeep North America leader Jim Morrison stressed that the Recon EV is built to handle challenging trails such as the famous Rubicon Trail. Morrison assured that it will not only conquer such challenges but will also have enough range to recharge when back in the city.

Main specifications of the electric vehicle

Autonomy range: up to 400 km in the WLTP urban range, up to 580 km in WLTP combined

Charging time: 20% – 80% charge in 24 minutes**

CO2 emissions: 0 g/km

Electric power: 156 HP

Maximum torque: 260 Nm

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