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Hyundai Finance Login: This finance type offers help to their customers to finance their vehicles in monthly installments and provides the benefit of exclusive deals.

Understanding the interest rates of vehicle finance is quite complicated, but Hyundai’s interest rates are competitive as per market fluctuations.


To finance your Hyundai vehicle, you need to log into your Hyundai Finance account, and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate the browser to the portal.
  • Select the login option shown on the home page.
  • Enter the username and password for the login credentials.
  • Select the Login option and you’ll successfully sign into your Hyundai Finance account.

Create an Account

If you’ve purchased the Hyundai vehicle, then you need to create an account, so let’s start with some simple steps:

  • Tap on the “Create an Account” option.
  • Fill in the personal information in the required fields.
  • Make a strong password to secure your personal and financial information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions for financing a vehicle.
  • Select the Submit option and your account has been successfully created.

Eligibility Criteria

Before financing any Hyundai vehicle, you need to fulfill certain Hyundai Finance eligibility requirements for financing the vehicle:

  • Age Limit: At least 21–65 years old
  • Income: Self-employed for the last 2–3 years and stable income that meets the need for financing a Hyundai vehicle.
  • Credit Score: 750 or above
  • Good credit history: No defaults, good credit history, no due dates.
  • Important Documents: Address proof, identity proof, employment proof, and accurate bank account details.

Average Payments

ModelStarting MSRP501-600 credit score601-660 credit score661-780 credit score781-850 credit score
Hyundai Elantra$21,475$278.48$259.35$253.25$271.21
Hyundai Sonata$27,500$393.66$366.61$357.99$383.37
Hyundai Tucson$27,250$388.88$362.16$353.64$378.72
Hyundai Santa Fe$33,000$498.79$464.53$453.60$485.77
Hyundai Kona$24,100$328.66$306.08$298.88$320.08

What can you manage with the Hyundai Finance Account?

  • Best Value of Hyundai: The experts offer you the best deal for Hyundai vehicle finance and advise you on the beneficial offer that fulfills your needs.
  • Flexible payment options: With multiple payment options, you can pay monthly installments and also make payments with a debit card.
  • View account history: Check the payment and pay monthly installments in the Account History section.
  • Due Date Notification: For your next due date, you’ll get a notification online and then pay the monthly installments.
  • Attractive loan terms: It is flexible for loan terms and helps finance retain liquidity while purchasing the Hyundai vehicle.
  • Securely share documents: You can share your crucial bank details and documents with complete trust.

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