Harley-Davidson Custom 1250

Harley Davidson Custom 1250 bike is a famous motorcycle in India. This bike manufactured by Harley Davidson is very famous for its advanced manufacturing. This bike has a powerful 1250 cc engine which gives strong performance. It can cover a distance of 14 kilometers in one liter of fuel, which provides a great driving experience. This bike is attractive


Revolution Max Engine – With 150 horsepower and a flexible powerband, the Revolution Max powertrain enhances your travel experience.

Adaptive Suspension – The Adaptive Ride Height feature allows you to lower the seat height when stopped, this keeps the suspension level at all times to give you the smoothest ride possible.

Ride Modes – Select from five preset Ride modes Sport, Road, Rain, Off-road, or Off-road Plus, or personalize your custom mode to perfectly match your riding style and preferences.

Harley Davidson Custom 1250 Specifications

The Harley Davidson Custom 1250 is powered by a 1250cc Revolution Max 1250T engine that delivers great horsepower and torque, making the ride comfortable. It has advanced technology with a mileage of 14 kilometers per liter, which is quite good for long journeys. Priced between ₹ 16.00 – ₹ 17.00 Lakh in India, it has a 17-liter fuel tank for long rides and a powerful braking system. For technical specifications, price, and more information, contact us directly.

Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 Exterior Design and Elements

The pictures show that the Harley Davidson motorcycle has a wide, horizontal LED headlight surrounded by chrome. At the front, you will see round turn signals, a handlebar with mirrors, and a short, wide fender with amber reflectors. The motorcycle also has a big cover for the engine, two pipes that release exhaust gases on the top, and a seat for just one person. Copper accents on the engine and gearbox enhance its look even more. At the rear, there is a thin tail light, round blinkers, and a wide tire for a sporty look.


The new Harley-Davidson bike is expected to measure 2225mm in length. It may also have a ground clearance of 105mm and a wheelbase of 1530mm, which will make it useful and find a good middle ground between being easy to ride and stable.


The Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 has a top speed of over 200 kmph and rapid acceleration, delivering great performance at every step.

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