Gold rate in Bangalore

In India, gold is highly valued, especially by women. Its price changes daily in cities like Bangalore, driven by global trends. Gold is precious in Indian culture and associated with auspicious occasions. Apart from cultural significance, it is also a popular investment. Many people in Bangalore and across India buy gold, not only as jewelry but also as an investment in commodities and derivatives traded on exchanges.

Today, the price of gold in Bangalore is ₹ 6,620 per gram for 22-carat gold and ₹ 7,222 per gram for 24-carat gold, also known as 999 gold.

Gold Carat Purity Standards

  • 24K: 100% pure gold
  • 22K: 91.67% gold
  • 18K: 75% gold
  • 14K: 58.33% gold
  • 10K: 41.67% gold

Today 22 Carat Gold Rates Per Gram in Bangalore

Gram22K Today22k Yesterday
1 gram₹6,624₹6,625
8 gram₹52,992₹53,000
10 gram₹66,240₹66,250
12 gram(1tola)₹6,62,400₹6,62,500

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Bangalore

Gram24K Today24k Yesterday
1 gram₹7,222₹7,223
8 gram₹57,776₹57,784
10 gram₹72,220₹72,230
12 gram(1tola)₹7,22,200₹7,22,300

Navigating Gold Prices and Investments in Bangalore

The price of gold in Bangalore is often different from other cities in India, as it includes several factors such as octroi duty, state taxes and transportation costs. If you are planning to invest in gold in Bangalore, be sure to check the current gold price there. Bangalore is one of the leading cities for gold purchase and use in India. When buying gold jewelry in Bangalore, remember that apart from the mentioned gold price, there are additional marking charges that increase the total price.

Historical Gold Rates in Bangalore Over the Last 10 Days

Jun 16, 2024₹ 6,650₹ 7,255
Jun 17, 2024₹ 6,630₹ 7,233
Jun 18, 2024₹ 6,620₹ 7,222
Jun 19, 2024₹ 6,620₹ 7,222
Jun 20, 2024₹ 6,640₹ 7,244
Jun 21, 2024₹ 6,715₹ 7,325
Jun 22, 2024₹ 6,635₹ 7,238
Jun 23, 2024₹ 6,635₹ 7,238
Jun 24, 2024₹ 6,625₹ 7,223

Influence of Gold Prices on Gold Loans in Bangalore

Besides its cultural importance, using gold as collateral has become a convenient and easy financial choice. Gold loans in Bangalore offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, catering to various financial needs and providing a safe and straightforward lending experience.

The price of gold directly affects how much money you can borrow using your gold as collateral. When gold prices rise, you can borrow more money because your gold is worth more. When gold prices fall, the amount you can borrow decreases. Your loan amount is determined based on a percentage of the current market value of your gold. Keeping track of gold prices helps you make the most of your borrowing capacity based on current market conditions.

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