Cisco Bangalore: Overview, Products, Partnerships, and Financial Insights

Cisco is an American tech company famous for its networking gear. Based in California, it takes its name from San Francisco. They manufacture and sell hardware for networks, telecom gear, and other IT peripherals.

Started in 1984 by Leonard Bosak and Sandy Lerner, Cisco was a pioneer. They figured out how to use local area networks (LANs) to connect remote computers using a special router system that could handle multiple types of data simultaneously.

What does Cisco do?

Networking: Cisco helps businesses set up computer networks. It has switches, routers and software for all types of businesses.

Wireless and Mobility: Cisco makes things for wireless communications. They make access points, controllers, and communications equipment to manage wireless networks.

Security: Cisco also makes products to keep networks secure. They have things like protection against DDoS attacks, firewalls, and systems. Multi-factor authentication is when you use more than one way to prove that you are a user

Collaboration: Cisco brings companies and their employees together in better ways. They enable things like working from home and managing work from remote locations.

Data Centres: Cisco helps clients to create cloud computing networks and manage their infrastructure

Empowering Bangalore Businesses with Cutting-Edge Cisco Solutions

Value Point is a top service provider in Bangalore. It offers a wide range of services to customers who need help with their critical business applications or who want to save money by improving efficiency.

Value Point is a top service provider in Bangalore that offers a range of Cisco products such as switches, servers and WiFi equipment. Our dedication to customer service and customized solutions has earned the trust of Cisco partners in the region.

Key Attributes of a Top Cisco Partner in Bangalore

Cisco partners in Bangalore connect you directly to Cisco resources. When you partner with a Cisco provider in Bangalore, you get access to Cisco for help and training. They can also arrange demonstrations of new Cisco technologies and provide training courses directly through them.

In Bangalore, Cisco’s partners use a technology called anycast routing. This means that when you send a request, it is routed to different data centers worldwide, all of which have the same IP address. This routes your requests to the nearest data center, making responses faster.

In Bangalore, Cisco’s partners are enterprise networking, communication systems, mobile technology, and security experts. It is interesting to note that in 2020, Fortune magazine ranked Cisco as the fourth best company to work for.

Bangalore-based Cisco partner provides a top IT platform globally, helping businesses embrace future opportunities

Cisco stock and valuation

When Cisco began trading on the NASDAQ in 1990, it was valued at $224 million. By 2000, it had become the world’s most valuable company, worth over $500 billion. As of July 2022, Cisco had 83,300 employees globally. They are now planning a restructuring and may cut up to 5% of their workforce.

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