Chicago Bulls vs La Clippers Match Player Stats

The recent NBA showdown between the Chicago Bulls and the LA Clippers was an electrifying contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The Chicago Bulls vs La Clippers faced off in a highly anticipated match. Both teams entered the game with impressive records, and the contest lived up to the hype. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the player stats from the game:

Chicago Bulls Player Stats

Z. LaVine23538/140/27/9132004-1430
D. DeRozan21578/162/53/3033202-940
N. Vucevic20859/132/30/0330003-1735
P. Williams16217/82/20/0229111-421
P. Beverley9023/63/50/0229211-915
A. Drummond11804/60/03/6014111-120
C. White7153/80/31/1228001-917
D. Jones Jr.3311/40/21/2019101-38
D. Terry2211/20/00/014000+96
A. Dosunmu0010/50/10/0018200+34
C. Jones
L. Ball
A. Caruso
T. Taylor
J. Green
M. Simonovic
J. Lewis

La Clippers Player Stats

N. Batum24358/108/100/0231201+2238
E. Gordon22037/125/90/3328000+1128
K. Leonard22768/133/53/3333111+1942
R. Westbrook125106/110/30/3032303+1637
I. Zubac11715/60/01/5324002+1618
B. Hyland13285/112/71/2223301+233
M. Plumlee10525/70/00/0119013+717
T. Mann8543/72/50/0225000-219
M. Diabate2011/20/00/004112-96
R. Covington0210/20/10/0111001-93
X. Moon0100/00/00/001000-41
A. Coffey0000/00/00/004011-90
M. Morris
P. George
N. Powell
J. Preston
B. Boston Jr.

Overall Observations

  • The Clippers’ “two-headed monster” of George and Leonard proved too much for the Bulls to handle offensively.
  • Despite a strong start from Vucevic and DeRozan, the Bulls’ supporting cast couldn’t keep pace with the Clippers’ scoring depth.
  • The Clippers’ three-point shooting was a major factor in their win, converting 20 of their 40 attempts from beyond the arc.

Last Words

The match between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Clippers showcased the NBA’s high level of competition. Both sides demonstrated impressive skill and tenacity, with standout performances from their main players and supporting cast. The individual player statistics emphasise the balanced contributions and exceptional performances that made this game such an exciting sight for basketball fans. As the season unfolds, both the Bulls and the Clippers will try to improve on their previous performances and continue their pursuit of success in the highly competitive league.