Buy new FASTag online

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system developed to meet the electronic tolling requirements of the Indian market. You can buy FASTag online through apps like Paytm, banks, or MyFASTag app or you can also get it directly at the toll plaza.

Also, multiple vehicles can be linked to a single prepaid FASTag wallet and the validity of FASTag is up to five years.


FASTag details:

Function: A sticker affixed on the windshield of your vehicle.
Technology: RFID chip for contactless communication.
Linked account: Prepaid account, savings account, or current account.
Toll payment: Automatically deducted as you pass through a toll plaza with a FASTag lane.

What is Fastag and how to use it?

FASTag offers the convenience of cashless payments as well as benefits such as fuel and time savings as the customer does not need to stop at the toll plaza. In addition, FASTag enhances convenience, reduces traffic congestion and promotes digital transactions on Indian highways.

FASTag has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to meet the electronic tolling requirements of the Indian market. You can also use FAStag by following the guidance given below.

Get FASTag Online

You can purchase a new FASTag online from authorized issuing agencies such as Paytm, MyFASTag, or banks or visit their websites, or you can collect it directly at the toll plaza.

Account Linking

Link FASTag to a prepaid account or your savings account and then get the automatic deduction of toll charges.

Online Recharge

Customers can recharge their NETC FASTag account online through the portals of issuing member banks using UPI/Credit Card/Debit Card/Wallets/NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking etc.

Vehicle Mounting

Affirm the FASTag on the windscreen of your vehicle to receive the RFID signal properly.

Toll Payment Process

When you pass through a toll plaza with a FASTag lane, the reader detects the FASTag using RFID. The toll amount is automatically deducted from your linked account.

Key Features and Functionalities of NETC FASTag

  • NETC FASTag facilitates electronic payment without stopping the vehicle at the toll plaza.
  • FASTag is a cashless payment method as you do not need to carry cash at the toll booth. It automatically deducts the toll fee from your linked account, making FASTag payment easy and quick.
  • FASTag is easy to buy online through apps like Paytm, bank, or MyFASTag app, or you can also get it directly at the toll plaza.
  • Customers can recharge their NETC FASTag account online through the portal of issuing member banks using UPI/Credit Card/Debit Card/Wallet/NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking etc.
  • Customers get SMS alerts for charges and balance for transactions made on their NETC FASTag.
  • FASTag has a validity of up to five years, so you can use it for a long time without having to replace it frequently.
  • If you travel a lot, you can convert your monthly pass to a FASTag pass online without any hassle.
  • FASTag works at over 750 toll plazas across the country, making it useful for travel on various highways and roads.
  • You will receive a notification immediately after every FASTag payment, so you can easily keep track of your toll expenses.
  • Customers can access their NETC FASTag account statements through the My FASTag app to check all the transactions made on their NETC FASTag account.
  • You can view all your FASTag transactions on the FASTag app or platforms like Paytm. This helps you know when you need to recharge your FASTag.

How to buy new FASTag online?

  1. FASTags can be issued by different banks and providers. Some of the popular options are:
    • National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
    • ICICI Bank
    • HDFC Bank
    • State Bank of India (SBI)
    • Paytm Payments Bank
    • Airtel Payments Bank
  2. Visit the official website of the chosen provider. For example, if you choose Paytm, visit the Paytm website or app.
  3. Find the FASTag section on the website. It is usually listed under toll payments or transport-related services or products.
  4. Enter the vehicle details, such as:
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Vehicle type (car, jeep, van, truck, etc.)
    • Copy of registration certificate (RC)
  5. Submit KYC documents, such as:
    • Identity proof (Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, etc.)
    • Address proof (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)
    • Vehicle registration certificate (RC)
  6. Complete the payment for FASTag. which includes for example:
    • Tag issuance fee
    • Security deposit
    • Minimum balance
  7. After successful payment and document verification, you will receive a confirmation. FASTag will be sent to your registered address.

Benefits of buying FasTag

  1. Automated Toll Collection: FASTag allows electronic toll collection, allowing you to pass through toll plazas without stopping.
  2. Prepaid and Reloadable: You can load money on your Fastag and use it as a prepaid card.
  3. Online Recharge: FASTag accounts can be easily recharged online through various platforms like bank portals, UPI and also mobile wallets.
  4. SMS Alerts: Get instant alerts on your registered mobile number for every transaction, helping you keep track of your toll expenses.
  5. Incentives: Many banks and FASTag issuers offer cashback and discounts on toll payments made through FASTag, leading to additional savings.
  6. Parking Payments: In some cities, FASTag can also be used for parking payments, further increasing its utility.
  7. Integration with Fuel Payments: Future integrations may allow FASTag to be used for payments at fuel stations and other facilities.

What is the minimum balance required for FASTag?

There is no minimum balance requirement for a FASTag account in India. This means you can use your FASTag lane even if your balance is zero.

However, if your balance is zero, the toll fare will be deducted from your FASTag security deposit. The security deposit will be replenished when you recharge your FASTag account.

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